INOPTEC Smart Goggles Enhanced vision,
Simply everywhere!
INOPTEC Smart Goggles Enhanced vision,
Simply everywhere!
INOPTEC Smart Goggles Enhanced vision,
Simply everywhere!
INOPTEC Smart Goggles Enhanced vision,
Simply everywhere!
The Future is now!

At INOPTEC, we are passionate about vision!

Our start-up is taking a disruptive approach to novel systems for human vision enhancement and protection. We also offer industry partners consulting and R&D services around our patented core technologies. With offices in Germany and the UK, our intellectual property has relevance to wearables, automotive, avionics, industrial, medical and personal safety applications.

Applications / Markets:

  • Outdoor sports
  • Automotive
  • Aviation / Avionics
  • Industry 4.0
  • Infotainment (AR, HUD)
  • Medicine and Health
  • Emergency Rescue
  • Security / Law Enforcement / Defence
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INOPTEC has been selected and invited by the well-recognised national German business angel network (“BAND – Business Angels Netzwerk Deutschland e.V.”) as being among the top 10 start-up companies of more than 70 applicants, to pitch and present their latest high-tech innovations.

Visit us at German Business Angels Day 2016 – the national spotlight on German innovation – hosted by BAND – Business Angels Netzwerk Deutschland e.V., on 11 - 12 December 2016 at Nuernberg.

Showcasing on 12. Dec. 2016 at Convention Center West (NCC West), at the trade show area Nürnberg Messe, Otto-Bärnreuther-Strasse, D-90471 Nürnberg, Germany.



INOPTEC has been selected and approved by INNOVATE UK as being among the UK’s top start-up companies invited to exhibit their inventions at INNOVATE 2016.

Visit us at INNOVATE 2016 – the global spotlight on UK innovation – hosted by the Department for International Trade on 2 - 3 November 2016 at Manchester Central.


As the human eye cannot react quickly enough to adjust to rapid transitions between bright light and darkness, the glasses use electronically controlled liquid crystal technology to automatically balance light levels to enable wearers to maintain vision in changing conditions



General public to experience INOPTEC vision system at New Scientist Live, London 22–25 September 2016

Visit us at New Scientist Live – a huge festival of ideas and inventions in the UK.
Stand 1414 / 22–25 September 2016 at ExCeL, London, UK.

Experiences: What is happening at “INOPTEC’s vision lab”?
Transhumanist technologies enhance our body’s capabilities, and INOPTEC’s intelligent bionic goggles are no exception.
Experience a wow effect while transitioning between two visual channels: you will find yourself surprisingly undisturbed by the incapacitating glare of headlights – or the sudden darkness of a tunnel.


Products & Services

Our flagship product: self-adapting electronic sunglasses that excel in challenging conditions.
Development of active light sources and large aperture shutters.
Benefit from our more than 14 years of consulting experience within various high-tech industries.
We offer more than 20 years of R&D experience in the field of optoelectronics and innovation management.
Professional development services with dedicated teams of highly experienced engineers and researchers.
We provide every kind of service to maintain your LASERS in your lab or production facility.