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At INOPTEC, we are passionate about vision.

INOPTEC stands for innovation, optics and technology. – It is a decentralised European start-up company, run by experienced managers and engineers, primarily offering patented technology (B2B) and wearable consumer electronics (B2C) – both in the field of potentially life-saving human vision enhancement systems.
However, we also offer industry partners consulting and R&D services around our patented core technologies and know-how.
Regarding quick scalability, our focus is on our flagship product: self-adapting electronic eyewear.

+ Safety:
Perfect vision, day or night, is essential to safely operate vehicles, airplanes, machines, tools, computers, etc. by reducing the risk of mistakes, accidents and injury.

+ Performance:
Transhumanist technologies enhance our body’s capabilities, and INOPTEC’s intelligent bionic self-adapting sunglasses, smart goggles and anti-glare systems (AGS) are no exception.

+ Treatment & Recovery:
Light sensitive people, e.g. with migraine, or after eye surgery (LASIK, cataract etc.) can tremendously benefit from the constant low-light illumination mode of our smart goggles.

Generally speaking, users can enjoy and benefit from a unique performance and safety advantage, in many fields of application:

  • Outdoor sports
  • Automotive
  • Aviation / Avionics
  • Industry 4.0
  • Infotainment (AR, HUD)
  • Medicine and Health
  • Emergency Rescue
  • Security / Law Enforcement / Defence


As modern open-minded innovators, we also belief in the common values of the European Union, so that we are deliberately fostering a European network of partners, investors and supporters.

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Preference Shares now available

INOPTEC has just started a crowdfunding campaign aiming for £ 400,000 investor money to advance its success story.

INOPTEC got nominated as “Innovator of the Year 2019”

The well‐known German entrepreneur and B2B business platform “DDW Die Deutsche Wirtschaft” has nominated INOPTEC and its founder Ralf Knoll, as “Innovator of the Year 2019”.

Products & Services

Our flagship product is self-adapting electronic sunglasses that react to changing light conditions in real time to keep the illumination on the eye always CONSTANT, like a superfast artificial iris, taking over the function of the human iris (Transhumanism).
Reducing the slow human adaptation time means we provide SAFETY & PERFORMANCE.
We protect people.
Moreover, we empower people, as they can see everything under otherwise impossible light conditions (against the sun, at night, etc.). We give them kind of “superpowers”.

Development of active light sources and large aperture shutters.

Active light sources mean they look like regular lamps, fulfilling all the required standards and regulations within the strictly regulated automotive industry and many other regulated markets, where no change of colour, intensity or the like is allowed.

However, our light sources are “invisibly/secretly” modulated – and they are part of our Vision Enhancement System (VES) – which constitutes our Smart Glasses AND Active Light Sources.

Both work hand-in-hand, especially at night or against a deep-standing sun.

Benefit from our more than 20 years of consulting experience, especially in the field of Innovation Management (special tools and methodologies to evaluate technology development strategies) within various high-tech industries.

We offer more than 20 years of R&D experience in the field of optoelectronics and innovation management.

Professional development services with dedicated teams of highly experienced engineers and researchers.

We provide every kind of service to maintain your LASERS in your lab or production facility.