Our main aim is to get in touch with all sorts of established (successfully active for the past 3-5 years) freelancers or solopreneurs (or angels/managers, who can do small side jobs) with preferably an MSc/MBA qualification in connection with project management know-how/certificates (IPMA), who have more than 10 years of varied work experience – preferably with a passion for precision/quality (QMS), entrepreneurship, and wearable tech/smart glasses.

  • Potential Board Members (!) – incl. business angels for passive/active management buy-in
  • Electronic Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers & Industrial/Fashion Designers
  • Online Sales Experts (B2C) – marketing & operating online stores
  • Logistic Experts – to ship products around the world
  • Back-office personnel / Executive assistants (remote and on-site)
  • HR experts – with a background in industrial and organizational psychology

For remote work, you should preferably (but not necessarily) reside in the EU/UK, US, or in similar developed English-speaking countries.

For on-site work, you should preferably (but not necessarily) reside in either Germany (greater Munich/Freising area) or Great Britain (greater London/Cambrige area) or Ireland (greater Dublin area).

Potential investors or those who could consider a kind of “management buy-in” are also welcome. 

Please send us an email
 with a few sentences about your background and offered services, together with your LinkedIn profile and

Please note, that we have a separate website and email address for the INOPTEC Group Ireland Ltd. – as shown below.

Please send us an email with a few sentences about your background and offered services, together with your LinkedIn profile and website:

Corporate Language / Work Ethics: 

Despite the German roots of our founder, and despite Brexit, we consider ourselves a “European company” with subsidiaries in Ireland, the UK and Germany.

Our corporate language is English, so you do not need to speak German when considering joining us – but a certain interest in German-Austrian-Swiss working culture (high-quality precision engineering, idealistic attitude, etc.) in combination with a willingness to understand a bit of German would be beneficial in any case.

Beyond the tech clusters where we work (London/Cambridge, Dublin, Munich) – we also work with researchers and manufacturers in other European tech clusters, such as Eindhoven, Leuven, and Talinn – to name a few (see also “about us”).

Do you live in the greater Munich/Freising area?

There are a few exceptions from the aforesaid “corporate language” statement, namely for on-site work in our Munich/Freising office, where you need to speak/read/write like a German native speaker, as we must still work with German authorities, such as inland revenue and others. 

We are currently looking for:

  • Executive Assistant to the Managing Director in our back office in Zolling:

    German native speaker – and highly proficient in spoken and written English.
    Organisational talent with some background knowledge in:
    tax law, contract law, corporate law, patent law, invoicing, etc.
    marketing/psychology, copywriting including concise logic-driven writing skills

  • Digital Media Specialist for our back office in Zolling:

    Mainly for post-production of RAW footage (photo & film and sound).
    We use/offer:
    DaVinci Resolve 18 – with the additional option for remote collaboration 
    Adobe Premiere Pro – and everything within the Adobe Creative Cloud
    MAGIX Video Pro X14 – occasionally for quick edits
    Photoshop & Lightroom – to develop high-res photos for Flickr incl. EXIF/GPS

    All of the above, edited with the “eye of an artist” – but also with the pragmatic precision, intelligence and philosophy of a storyteller and documentary producer.

    Some work can be done remotely – but planning the storyboard & cutting will require occasional on-site work.


Then please use the email address provided above – and let us explore potential win-win synergies, as we are offering more than “just a job” – but a long-term relationship into a better future, including incentive shares to become a co-owner. 

The future is now – let’s create it.