Photo: © 2005 Kuratorium Gutes Sehen e.V. (KGS)

Improved Vision with Electronic Sunglasses: self-adapting electronic sunglasses that excel in challenging conditions. Adaptation times of the human eye are far too slow for quick and safe reactions under quickly changing light conditions. Only fast “active goggles” can deliver constant brightness to the eye at all times.
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Controlling the light: dimming or even modulating very powerful XENON or flash lamps is not always an easy task. Our novel modulation methods and large aperture shutters enable better visibility. With our anti-glare system (AGS), driving at night becomes much safer.

We are the developers of “large aperture shutters” for windows, image cameras or (film) projectors and many similar applications requiring fast light modulation over large areas (up to 2sqm) and for extremely wide operating temperature ranges – including for outer space.