At INOPTEC, we are passionate about vision.

INOPTEC stands for innovation, optics and technology. – It is a decentralised European start-up company, run by experienced managers and engineers, primarily offering patented technology (B2B) and wearable consumer electronics (B2C) – both in the field of potentially life-saving human vision enhancement systems.
However, we also offer industry partners consulting and R&D services around our patented core technologies and know-how.
Regarding quick scalability, our focus is on our flagship product: self-adapting electronic eyewear.

+ Safety:
Perfect vision, day or night, is essential to safely operate vehicles, airplanes, machines, tools, computers, etc. by reducing the risk of mistakes, accidents and injury.

+ Performance:
Transhumanist technologies enhance our body’s capabilities, and INOPTEC’s intelligent bionic self-adapting sunglasses, smart goggles and anti-glare systems (AGS) are no exception.

+ Treatment & Recovery:
Light sensitive people, e.g. with migraine, or after eye surgery (LASIK, cataract etc.) can tremendously benefit from the constant low-light illumination mode of our smart goggles.

Generally speaking, users can enjoy and benefit from a unique performance and safety advantage, in many fields of application: outdoor activities, automotive, aviation, industry 4.0, IOT, infotainment (AR, HUD), medicine, emergency rescue and personal safety.


As modern open-minded innovators, we also belief in the common values of the European Union, so that we are deliberately fostering a European network of partners, investors and supporters.


From a global point of view, we have understood that highly disruptive and game changing products, especially with a transhuman notion, are getting quickly accepted in technology-savvy cultures, so that we are also fostering contacts in the USA, especially in California, but also in other well-known high-tech clusters like Boston, Massachusetts or New York.

We also found recognition amongst wearable-tech lovers and manufacturers in countries like Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Hong-Kong and many other countries, which we are going to address soon.


Despite all the useful benefits our products will render to society, we are fully aware, that we must protect our environment at the same time. We are not saying this because of our nature loving clienteles (mountain bikers, biohackers etc.) – the founder and CEO of INOPTEC himself has actively undertaken steps towards the preservation of the environment since 1990, and as a continuation of his own philosophy, he has declared, that INOPTEC should obey ESG rules towards sustainability as good as possible:
Therefore, we are going to offer only environmentally friendly and long-lasting products, e.g. by using bio-degradable plastics, creating long lifespan products (> 5 years) etc.
Further information will be provided.

Company History

2011 August
2011 November
registration of „Independent Branch Establishment Germany“ under EU harmonisation law at the local court Munich.
2012 Jan
first consulting contracts (e.g. to restructure a LASER start-up company, KLASTECH GmbH, Dortmund.)
2012 May
first hands-on calibration service for the German Army to calibrate “JULEM” (reference for LASER based range finders).
2014 June
first activities towards highly scalable start-up for vision enhancement systems (first ideas and patents formulated)
2014 October
first shareholder in seed-fund, which is the holding, KNOLL Capital Group Ltd.
2015 April
first significant in-payment into the very same seed-fund, which lead to the official starting date of INOPTEC in its role as a typical highly scalable start-up company, addressing a potential market of more than EUR 10bn.
2017 May
500k EUR seed-money exceeded since 2015; first offers from top B2B brands regarding series A round investments have been received.



  • Ralf G. J. Knoll (1963) is a seasoned independent management consultant and technology expert with 20 years of experience. His background is in electronics, physics, photonics, economics, innovation management, entrepreneurship, start-up culture, coaching and psychology, corporate ethics and philosophy. Further honorary and voluntary/political work comprises: member of the Economic Advisory Council for the Bavarian Union (DE), Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA), member of expert juries to judge high-tech start-ups (EU), member of SPIE, member of the Institute of Directors (IoD), founder of the Philosophy Round-Table Symposium in Munich (DE).

    Ralf entered the start-up scene in 1997 and has to date been primarily involved in activities related to rendering services for venture capital firms (technical due-diligence, fostering their portfolio companies). Consequently, in 2014 he founded his own seed fund (KNOLL Capital Group Ltd, UK), which currently invests seed money in his start-up companies.

    Academia: MSc in engineering physics (applied physics Dipl.-Phys. Ing.) in Germany jointly with electronics (EE) / telecommunications (1990); a second MSc in Optoelectronic and LASER Devices from Heriot-Watt and St. Andrews University, UK (1994); Harvard University Boston, MA, USA, Micro and Macro Economy and Corporate Ethics/Philosophy (1995).

  • Wilhelm Scholze (1963), Dipl.-Kfm., University of Augsburg, CEFA, CIIA Institutional Equity Sales and Vice President at Reuschel & Co. and Merck Finck & Co., Investor and Business Angel.

  • Dr. Pierre A. Morgon (1963) earned a doctorate in Pharmacy, a master’s degree in Business Law and an MBA and has held a variety of executive positions internationally (US, UK, FR, CH, DE, JP, MY). He is also an alumnus of INSEAD and IMD. Pierre’s focus is on the therapeutic and rehabilitative use of our remote-controlled smart goggles in medical applications as well as for the reduction of eye fatigue. Within our investor relations team, he serves as the main contact for the med-tech industry with regard to investment opportunities.

  • Thomas Gathmann (1957), management and finance consultant (USA, GB, DE). Areas of expertise: finance/controlling, restructuring, BI + IT, process optimisation. German KFW / BAFA certified.

  • Daniel Niederberger (1983), automotive and strategy consulting experience, technology & innovations, academic background in engineering and business (MBA).


R&D Team

  • Dr. Joerg Gross – Electronics Team / Analog Design

  • Wolfgang Gaerber – Electronics Team / Hard- & Software

  • Martin Bayer – Design Team / Mechanical 3D-Design

INOPTEC team Team photo: Clare College Bridge, Cambridge, UK. From left to right: Wolfgang Gaerber, Ralf Knoll, Daniel Niederberger, Gwillem Mosedale, Martin Bayer.

Advisory Board

Our neutral and independent experts bear witness to the feasibility and expediency of our anti-glare systems:
  • Dr. med. Frank Kommerell – Ophthalmologist
  • Prof. Dr. Klaus Friedrich – FOM University of Applied Sciences – Economics and Management
  • Dr. Pero Micic – FMG FutureManagementGroup AG – Future Management
  • Mary Spio – Speaker of US States Department of State

Our supporters and partners