Improved Vision with Electronic Sunglasses

Our flagship product: self-adapting electronic sunglasses that excel in challenging conditions where conventional eyewear is unable to prevent visual deterioration/blackout.

The Problem:

The human eye cannot react quickly enough to adjust to rapid transitions between bright light and darkness:
– If you travel from bright light into a dark forest or a tunnel – either with your bike or car – your eyes need at least 30 seconds to adjust.
– Traveling towards external light sources (e.g. oncoming traffic, setting/rising sun) leads to a reduction in visual perception.
Many accidents occur each year due to temporary blindness while driving or during sporting activities.

The Solution:
Rapid adaptation through balancing light levels

Our technology excels in saturated and rapidly changing light situations.
It will enable mountain bikers and cyclists to see safety-critical details in what would otherwise be visually disruptive/degrading conditions.
These include but are not limited to tunnels (abrupt changes in amplitude), treelined alleys (staccato), and riding towards a low-lying sun (glare).
Our patented, sensor driven, and electronically controlled eyewear is further able to suppress/boost external (sun, headlights of oncoming vehicles as well as the users own light source(s).

As unspectacular as they seem, some everyday situations are too much for the human eye to cope with.
We maintain vision in extreme conditions by compensating for the slow reaction of the human iris.
Our LCD lenses
(a) switch within 1 millisecond to
(b) produce a stepless range of tints (PWM), and
(c) ensure constant light levels reach the eye upon sudden entry (>20km/h) into – or emergence from – tunnels, shady woods, dark buildings.
Without our glasses, vision is unavailable for crucial seconds, leading to insecurity, stress and danger.
By removing these obstacles, our glasses will offer more performance, comfort, and enjoyment to sports professionals and enthusiasts.

– Our solution in daylight: the world’s first electronic sunglasses that consistently optimize the light that reaches the human retina. Suppression of spikes e.g. when driving along a back-lit tree-lined road.
Looking ahead, our technology platform is adapted to provide advanced applications such as glare suppression. At dusk/night, oncoming traffic, a low-lying sun (e.g. in winter) cause glare that deteriorates / nullifies vision.

– At night time: the same eyewear, connected to a synchronized LED-(head)light, reveals details on a backlit object that would otherwise be invisible due to an oncoming dazzling light source (e.g. headlights).

Our unique technical approach uses extremely fast switching, high contrast LC twisted nematic materials (as opposed to slow switching LC films), similar to those of established 3D-glasses, but with more performance. Feedback control and sensor arrangements have been successfully tested. The product’s sensors, microelectronic processing capabilities and various algorithms combine to form our ‘intelligent eyewear‘. In future, we will use clocked operation to selectively suppress/enhance external light sources. Relevance to both consumer and industrial markets.

We are technology leaders.

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Time domain measurement (0.1 ms resolution) on LCD goggles

Scope: TN-LCD response at 18 degrees Celsius. Exceptionally wide operating temperature ranges can be obtained within closed goggles such as EPS-21.

High-speed measurements up to 40 Gbit/s possible

Scope: TN-LCD step response (magenta)