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EPIC Online Technology Meeting on Freeform Optics for AR/VR

INOPTEC will employ micro lenses on top of OSRAM photo sensors, so that the sensitivity lobe resembles the sensitivity curve of the human eye, regarding incident light angle vs. visibility.

EPIC Online Technology Meeting on Structured Light and Computer Vision

INOPTEC has developed a special light source, where each light pulse has the same energy.

EPIC Online Technology Meeting on Next Steps for Smart Glass in AR and Related Applications

ResearchGate Link

EPIC Online Technology Meeting on Impact of Photonics on Subs. Textiles, Wearables, Fashion & Design

INOPTEC – Fashion and Function

EPIC Online Technology Meeting on Medical Devices

INOPTEC – Health Tech

How INOPTEC cam avoid painful light-triggered migraine attacks – or harmful light exposure after eye surgery.

Optica Online Industry Meeting: Automotive Lighting

INOPTEC can provide a novel Anti-Glare System for day and night – that is lifesaving.

Rapid light adaptation & protection and contrast enhancement – for better safety and performance.