General public to experience INOPTEC vision system at New Scientist Live, London 22–25 September 2016

Visit us at New Scientist Live – a huge festival of ideas and inventions in the UK.
Stand 1414 / 22–25 September 2016 at ExCeL, London, UK.
New Scientist Live

What we do:

INOPTEC is taking a groundbreaking approach to human vision enhancement and protection.
Anyone who travels outdoors or who requires flicker‐free vision in challenging light conditions (including industrial and laboratory settings) will benefit from the safe vision our self‐adapting smart goggles provide.
In darkness, our anti‐glare system guarantees perfect night vision without interference from the glare of oncoming headlights.
These wearable electronics are perfect for applications in outdoor sports, automotive, aviation, industry, medicine, and personal safety.

Experiences: What is happening at “INOPTEC’s vision lab”?

Transhumanist technologies enhance our body’s capabilities, and INOPTEC’s intelligent bionic goggles are no exception.
Experience a wow effect while transitioning between two visual channels: you will find yourself surprisingly undisturbed by the incapacitating glare of headlights – or the sudden darkness of a tunnel.
New Scientist Live Experiences
Stand 1414

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